Wellness Coach Pam Sherman Shares How to Achieve Perfect Lifestyle Balance

With our Wellness After 40 Talks we are about sharing the insights, strategies and advice to help you optimize your health, wellness and fitness after 40.

So today I have the pleasure of speaking to Wellness Coach, Pam Sherman, 53, also known as the perfect balance guru. She is a certified trainer and instructor has been involved in fitness and wellness as a group exercise instructor, personal trainer, and running coach for 20+ years. Pam is also an author, motivational speaker, media contributor, lifelong runner, wife and mother of 2 college aged children. She is committed to helping people of all ages, weights and life stages, and providing creative, small ways through the power of healthy food and fitness to get started on a path towards better health.

Pam has a ton of positive energy and offers some very practical health and wellness tips and approaches that are accessible for everyone regardless of where you are on your wellness and fitness journey. She offers no gimmicks, no shortcuts, and no unrealistic promises but instead a sensible and logical approach to diet and fitness that anyone can apply.

She is a person who has embraced her own life events, inclusive of being hit by a car, to turn into a stronger, better, more balanced person and looks to help others also achieve perfect lifestyle balance.

To learn more about Pam, and her Perfect Balance Tribe can you can head over to her website

“I help empower women to lose weight and gain confidence. I want every woman to feel GREAT in their own skin!.” @perfectbalanceguru Pam Sherman

Some Questions I Ask:

  • What does your personal wellness and fitness regime look like?
  • What are your personal philosophy towards ageing and wellness?
  • How do you balance family life, your business and taking care of yourself?
  • What does wellness meana to you?
  • What are your top 3 tips for optimizing your health, wellness and fitness after 40?
  • What does living your best life, a legendary life mean to you?
  • Plus much more…