OUR MISSION, is to be evangelists for living a LEGEND LIFE. To inspire and empower people to live their best life and BE AGELESS! To share and celebrate the inspirational stories of those who are defying the outdated beliefs about age, those who demonstrate that human potential is ageless, and that life is to be fully lived at any age; so that people everywhere who are approaching or over 40 can feel empowered to live legendary lives.

At Legend Life we are committed to empowering people to embrace their age and see it as not a limitation but an opportunity to finally become all they can be and live the lives they have envisaged for themselves. To being the evangelist for AGELESS LIVING. To inspiring and empowering all over forty to BE AGELESS!

To encourage all approaching 40 and those over 40 to not fear aging and to see that their age is not a limitation. But rather see that it is they who must define what is possible for them to do with their lives and not allow others or society define for them what is possible. To show them that it is never too late to become all we wish to be, to have all we wish to have and to do all we wish to do.

The key principles for our Ageless Living philosophy of life are contained in the AGELESS LIVING MANIFESTO that you see to the left.


If you are ready to adopt the Ageless Living Manifesto as your own and to commit to living agelessly and making this the second phase of your life your best head over now and Take the Legend Life Pledge.


Many of us on approaching or reaching 40 and begin buying into the belief that it is all downhill from here. We begin freaking out, realizing our lives are getting shorter and start wondering about the regrets we have. Instead of looking to ramp things up and get the most of the time we have, we start to look at winding things down, believing we are past our prime.

Having just turned 52, I for one was not prepared to accept this to be my reality. I believe there are a lot more things I have the potential to do and certainly don’t want to start slowing down but rather start speeding up. However, in my circle I certainly seemed to be alone and going against the tide, with me continually being told to just accept my age.

Always the contrarian I was determined to proved them wrong and so set out to find others who not only believed that life started at 40, or in my case 52, but were living this reality. Those who refused to accept the story told by their chronological clock.

What I found was inspiring. Countless men and women who were doing the extraordinary and putting those much younger to shame. Legend Life After 40 was born to tell their story. To showcase the inspiring people who prove that in fact life is just getting started when we turn 40, 50, or even beyond.

People who prove that you are never too old and it’s never too late to do anything you want to do with your life. People who exhibit a passion for living, who look to live their purpose and fulfill their potential, and are committed to living life fully each and every day. People who wish to ensure that they live with no regrets.

People who live by a set of life principles that I have attempted to capture in what I call the Legend Life Creed which you can see displayed to the left.

Legend Life After 40 is here to inspire you. To ensure you never give up on living your best life. To living a legendary life.




Ageless Living Evangelist & Legend Life Storyteller


We are looking to bring together inspiring stories from people around the world who are approaching or over 40. Fitness and sports athletes, photographers, adventurers, travellers, changemakers, conservationists, entrepreneurs, and others, who are living their best life. Stories that will inspire and motivate you to start on your own journey to living your best life regardless of what age you may be.

We will be showcasing ordinary people, no different than anyone else, except they are now over 40. People who have chosen to live their passions, to fulfill their potential, and to live the lives they have always dreamed of. People who are creating a legendary life for themselves.

In short interviews you will receive insights into their story, what they are passionate about, their life lessons, their fitness and wellness tips, their strategy for living their best lives, and what living a legendary life means to them. Stories that will inspire you to believe that the best is ahead of you regardless of your age.

Legend Life After 40 hopes to be your starting point for creating your own best life. Your own legendary life.


Legend Life After 40 is for those who are committed to living their best life. A place to find the inspiration to reinvent and transform oneself and begin a journey that will see you live a legendary life.

It is for those who do not see their age as a limitation and are committed to living their lives passionately, purposefully, and without regret. Those who are looking to squeeze all the living they can out of their lives no matter how old they may be.

It is for those who wish to optimize their fitness, health and wellbeing. Those who wish to discover and explore the world and truly experience life. Those who would like to treat their life as one big adventure.

Legend Life After 40 is also a place for those who would like to connect with like-minded people to share, collaborate, learn, grow and to find the support they may need on their legend life journey.

It is a place for all who are willing to take the Legend Life Pledge and commit themselves to living a life that is fully lived. To live a #LEGEND LIFEAFTER40. Ones best life. A life of no regrets.


The motto, we at Legend Life have chosen to adopt as how we choose to live our life is “vive ut vivas”. This can be translated to mean “live that you may live”. It is a motto that instructs us to live our life to the fullest every day. To live our life as if there will be no tomorrow. To look to get the most living we can out of each and every day.

The Legend Life Motto helps us understand that life is short and that we do not control tomorrow or our future. It reinforces that we should live in the present and that we should live each and every day with fullness, with passion, and purpose and as if it were our last.

It reminds us not to take our lives for granted and that we have but a short time to create the legacy by which we will be remembered. To live such that we live on in those we inspired, to also live their best lives.

The Legend Life Motto thus challenges us to treat each day as a miniature version of our life. To live life fully and extraordinarily each and every day. For, in doing so we will have an extraordinary life, a legendary life.

I invite you to also adopt the Legend Life Motto as the guiding principle by which you to live your life so that you to may “live that you may live”.



Damian is a father, self-made serial entrepreneur, health and fitness advocate, self-actualizer, traveler, and experiencer of life.  He is also an evangelist for living one’s purpose, fulfilling one’s potential, and living a legendary life.

For over 20 years, Damian has been involved in various start-ups and entrepreneurial endeavors including, international trade, online fitness, and online eco-tourism, amongst others.  He is also a true life experiencer having tried various adventure sports such as diving, sky diving, bungy jumping, river rafting, windsurfing, rock climbing, mountain biking, canyoning, hiking, kayaking, and kite surfing, to name a few.

Damian is also a fitness fanatic and avid traveler who has lived in 6 different countries and travelled to over 20.  He now resides in Brazil, where has lived for over 13 years, with his 11 year old son, Pedro, but remains ready to discover the next exotic destination to call home.

On reaching 52, Damian can honestly say that his life has certainly not been ordinary.  But not being one to rest on his laurels, he is ready to kick start the next phase of his life journey and to continue trying to make his life an extraordinary one.

Today he is committed to sharing his passion for living, what he calls, a legendary life, with others through Legend Life After 40.  To inspiring and helping others discover how to live their lives more passionately and purposefully. To living their best lives regardless of their age. Lives that are lived with no regrets.

You can learn more about Damian at


The Legend Life After 40 Tribe is for all Who Wish to Live Legendary Lives.
The community is an online space for people around the world who are passionate about living their best lives. It is a space to have conversations, share insights, ideas, resources, to connect, and to find the inspiration to live healthier, fitter, more passionate, and purposeful lives. To live a #LEGENDLIFEAFTER40.

Are you ready to begin your Legend Life Quest?