If you are committed to not seeing your age as limitation and embarking on your Legend Life Quest and living your life passionately, purposefully, and without regret, I invite you to take the Legend Life Pledge.

In taking the pledge you will be affirming your commitment to embracing Ageless Living as the philosophy of how you will live your life.  Your commitment to being ageless and living a legendary life.

In taking the pledge you will also become a member of the LEGEND LIFE AFTER 40 TRIBE. Those who believe they can be ageless and have committed themselves to a lifelong journey of striving to live their best life.

You will also become an important part of our Ageless Living Movement.  Those who choose to live in a way that demonstrates to society that the ageist norms that currently exist are redundant.  That we are a valuable part of society and have much to contribute and that as we collectively strive to live our best lives have the capacity to make a difference and positively impact the world.

To join follow the steps below:

just recite the pledge below, give your name and email address and click the I Pledge button and you’ll be in:


1. Recite the Legend Life Pledge below
2. Click the I PLEDGE button
3. Download the FREE Legend Life Pledge Poster

4. Add your name and display where visible to you.
5. Join the Legend Life After 40 Facebook Group



1. Download the FREE Legend Life Pledge Poster

2. Add your name and take a picture of yourself with the Legend Life Pledge Poster.
3. Share on social media using the hashtag #legendlifepledge
4. Join the Legend Life After 40 Facebook Group
5. Share your poster in the group using the hashtag #legendlifepledge

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