Natural Healing and Longevity

You Can Reblance Your Health and Extend Your Life at Any Age

For today’s talk I had the pleasure of speaking to JUNE LOUKS (SHANTI), MOVEMENT, BREATH & MEDITATION TEACHER. Shanti lives in Malibu, California with her family, Jeff, Lauren, Heather, Hailey, and Charlotte, where she embodies a holistic healthy lifestyle which incorporates breath work and movement and is fueled by a plant-powered whole food raw diet that she grows herself.

But this was not always the case with her suffering debilitating and degenerating health challenges firstly in her 40’s and then in her 50’s. The onset of incapacitating migrain headaches in her 40’s saw June revert to a plant-based diet and then in her 50’s she experienced further health issues related to a leaky gut and anxiety which she managed by a regular yoga and meditation practice.  Now an advocate for healthy living and longevity and health ageing through detoxing your emotions, moving your body and a plant based diet Shanti is proof it is never too late to turn things around and rebalance your life for the betterment of your health and wellness.

Shanti is the author of 2 books focused on plant-based cuisine: A Malibu Mom’s Manifesto on Fresh, Whole Foods and Fresh Whole Foods For Kids: Fun Poems About Food incorporate fresh whole foods into the family diet. She is also in the process of completing a new book on longevity called Younger, Detox Your Age, Nurture Your Youth She is also the co-founder of the Malibu Agricultural Society and is committed to the well-being and healing of families and communities.

When Shanti is not with her family or in the garden, or with her bees (she is also a beekeeper), you can find her teaching movement, breath and meditation or surfing at the beach! You can learn more about Shanti by following her on instagram:

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“Longevity is fundamentally about detoxing your emotions.” @lettuceflow June Louks (Shanti)

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How Shanti overcame some debilitating health issues through a plant based diet, yoga and meditation.
  • Shanti’s plan to live too 120 years
  • How our longevity is connected to our ability to detox our emotions and not hold grudges
  • How important it is to follow our hearts for true inner healing to start
  • That it is never too late to change
  • What her definition of living a legendary life is
  • The three lessons she has learned in life that she wishes to share with others
  • Plus much more…