Diva Over Fifty

Be Inspired to Believe That You Can Do Anything You Want Regardless of Your Age

In today’s Wellness After 40 Talk I have the pleasure of speaking to Kim Fisher who is the founder of Diva Over Fifty and proud to be 59. Kim is a personal trainer, joy analyst and longevity mentor for women over 50. Kim has been a personal trainer for over 39 years and before starting Diva After 40 solely provided one-on-one personal training.

Diva Over Fifty, which by the way she started in her mid 50’s is the evolution of her personal training business online in order to enable her to impact more women, especially those over 50. Diva Over Fifty was created to fill the void in information specific to 50 year old women and a platform to help them navigate the enormous body of conflicting information currently available so that they can successfully achieve their wellness and fitness goals.

Diva Over Fifty offers exclusive fitness and wellness lifestyle coaching and online resources for women over fifty desiring to become healthy and ageless. It delivers personalized wellness and lifestyle training to small groups of women called the Ageless Tribe who receive coaching to help them make small changes in three pillars or areas Beauty, Longevity and Mindfulness.

Kim is a remarkable person who clearly embodies her training and wellness philosophy with her getting up at 3.30-4am daily to allow herself time for her own daily workout and sending a daily mantra to her clients. Her personal wellness routine and includes a clean real food diet that is 85% plant based, daily meditation and yoga four times a week.

In the interview we also discuss how in her mid-50’s she was able to transition and start a completely new business and how she overcame her own personal self-doubts and now uses what she has learned to empower the women she coaches. We discuss her definition of wellness and ageless living and what she believes is the secret to longevity. Kim also shares her top three tips for optimizing your health, wellness and fitness to help you feel younger, healthier and live longer.

Kim also shares three life lessons she has learned over her life which are:
• You can learn anything. You can do anything you want to do. You can figure out anything. There are really no barriers.
• Every day look for the happy moments in life. If you look for them the magic moments are there. It is all about how many happy moments you have in your life. Find joy in every day.
• Give yourself permission to give yourself grace.

Kim shares her Life Motto which is: “Life is too short and to long not to be happy. Every day try to find some joy in your life.”

And she also shares what living a legendary life means to her:
“Being who I am and being confident and secure of doing what I want to do that makes myself happy. Living authentically and not based on what I should be doing or what others think I should be doing but doing what really makes me happy and who I am.”

Kim is a remarkable woman who demonstrates that it is never too late to pursue your passions, your purpose and to optimize your health and wellness so that you can find joy and happiness in your life. She is proof that there are no boundaries and age is just a number and you can do anything you want to do and look the way you want to look if that is really what you want.

To find out more about Kim you can visit her website: https://divaoverfifty.com/ or Instagram: @divaoverfifty or Facebook: @divaoverfifty.
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“Life is too short and to long not to be happy. Every day try to find some joy in your life.” @divaoverfifty Kim Fisher

Some Questions I Ask:

  • What is Diva Over Fifty and what inspired you to start it?
  • What are the three pillars of the wellness and fitness programs you design for your clients?
  • What does your day look like?
  • What does your weekly training routine look like?
  • What is your definition of wellness?
  • Your community for your clients is called the Ageless Tribe so what does ageless living mean to you?
  • You call yourself a longevity mentor so what does this mean?
  • What do you think is the secret to longevity?
  • Plus much more…