Peter Gostelow

Age is Not a Barrier to Traveling by Bicycle

In today’s LEGEND LIFE STORY interview I will be sharing my interview with Peter Gostelow. Peter is a cycle tourer who has cycle toured more than 100,000km across 70 countries.

On his first major solo bicycle adventure between 2005-2008, what he called the Long Ride Home, Peter biked from Japan to the UK a distance of over 50,000kms. In his second major solo bicycle adventure, between 2009-2012, that he called the Big Africa Cycle he cycled from England to South Africa, travelling through 30 countries for a distance in excess of 34,000km.

In 2013 he returned to Africa and lived for 2 years in Tanzania, where he worked as a Teacher Trainer. During the holidays he continued to make shorter tours in East and Southern Africa.
In 2015 he completed his working contract and headed north from Tanzania, cycling through Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan, Ethiopia and Somaliland. The tour continued beyond Africa, going on to Oman and the UAE, where he finished in February 2016. Peter has now accumulated over 50,000km of cycle touring experience on the continent

In our interview we talk about how Peter got started as an adventurer. He shares what inspired him to undertake his two epic trips and what motivates him. Peter also shares what living a legendary life, his best life means to him, his advice to other’s over 40 who may be viewing turning 40 negatively and three life lessons he has learned in life.

I hope you are as inspired by Peter’s story as I was. If you would like to learn more about Peter you can visit his website, Instagram and Facebook.

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“Believe in yourself and the thing's you believe you are capable of doing and don't be influenced by others." @petegost Peter Gostelow

Some Questions I Ask:

  • What sparked your love for travel,adventures and the outdoors?
  • What are some of your adventure achievements?
  • What inspired you to bike back to the United Kingdom from Japan?
  • Tell us about your Big Africa Expedition?
  • What was the prepartion you needed to take and how did you deal with the stress and uncertainty?
  • What did this adventure teach you about yourself?
  • What would you say to someone who has dreamed of undertaking an adventure but has not had the courage to do so?
  • What does having and adventure add to your life?
  • What specific recommendations do you have for anyone interested in cycle touring Africa?
  • What does living a legendary life or your best life mean to you?
  • What advice would you give to someone who is turning 40 and is viewing it negatively?
  • What are three life lessons you have learned in life that you think would be of value to others?
  • Plus much more…