Mark Wood

Polar Explorer and Expedition Leader

In today’s LEGEND LIFE STORY interview I will be sharing my interview with Mark Wood, who is a British polar explorer and expedition leader.

Mark has completed over 30 major polar and mountain expeditions around the world including solo and unsupported expeditions to both the geographic north and south poles.  He has also cycled across the US, the length of New Zealand, and Oman and walked across Iceland. 

Mark is also an acclaimed photographer and author of the books Solo Explorer and Photographic Book Rock and Ice.  He is also a professional speaker and film maker.

In our interview we discuss a little about your Mark’s background. Mark’s adventure and exploration while growing up. What his experience was before joining the military, what was his first real adventure and what impact it had on him.

Mark talked about his passion for raising awareness about climate change and global warming and the work he is involved in related to this and in particular the education programs. He gave his definition of adventure and why having adventures is important. He also gives his definition of ageless living, three life lessons he has learned in life and what living his best life, a legend life means to him.

“Focus on the experience, push out the negativity, appreciate your family and people around you.”

I hope you are as inspired by Mark’s story as I was. You can learn more about Mark by going to his website and facebook

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"Focus on the experience, push out the negativity, appreciate your family and people around you." @ markwoodexplorer Mark Wood

Some Questions I Ask:

  • When did you start planning to go to the North and South Poles?
  • What is it that attracts you about trekking to both Poles?
  • What attracts you to cold weather environments?
  • What drives you to complete the extreme adventures you undertake?
  • How do you go about choosing the adventures you will undertake?
  • What for you have been your most memorable adventures?
  • What have your adventures taught you about yourself?  What have you learned from them?
  • What would you say to someone else who has dreamed of undertaking an adventure but has not had the courage to do this?
  • What does living a legendary life or your best life mean to you?
  • What advice would you give to others over 40 or approaching 40 who are may not feel fulfilled with their lives for living their best life?
  • What are three life lessons you have learned in life that you think would be of value to others?
  • Plus much more…