Kim Wilkin

There Are So Many Thing's to See in the World!

In today’s LEGEND LIFE STORY interview I will be sharing my interview with Kim Wilkin. Kim is the person behind the blog and youtube channels The Abundant Traveler.

After her first stint of traveling which saw her living in Europe for 5 years after University Kim has continued to travel as often as possible, focusing on food and wine and day adventures with a bit more luxury. She still considers Europe her second home, and is building a life where she can live part of the year in Austin, and part of the year on The Mediterranean.

She is passionate about traveling, and eats up the exotic, 2nd & 3rd world countries. She has visited more than 63 countries on 6 continents with her favorite countries to date being Botswana, Vietnam and Nepal. Next on her bucket list are Namibia and Colombia.

As a blogger she is focused on sharing her stories to inspire women especially those over 40 to travel the world, see new cultures, dance in the streets, trek through unknown territories, lounge in luxurious locations, and experience the exotic.

In our interview we talk about what are some of her favorite destinations, her most memorable travel experience, her most adventurous and what is still on her bucket list or she prefers to call a wish list.

We also talk about why she thinks everyone should go traveling, what to do if your are feeling unfulfilled by your current life, what living a legendary life, her best life means to her, her advice to other’s over 40 who may be viewing turning 40 negatively and three life lessons she has learned in life.

I hope you are as inspired by Kim’s story as I was. You can learn more about Kim by going to her website, Facebook  and Instagram .

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“Whatever is your dream set a date to make it happen." @theabundanttraveler Kim Wilkin

Some Questions I Ask:

  • What sparked your love for travel,adventures and the outdoors?
  • What was the journey that led you from academia to being a travel blogger?
  • What is it about travel your enjoy so much?
  • Tell us about The Abundant Traveler and what is it your are looking to achieve with your blog?
  • How many places have you traveled to so far and what are your top three destinations?
  • What is your most memorable travel experience?
  • What is your most adventurous travel experience?
  • What is next on your bucket list?
  • What should everyone look to travel?
  • What is next on your bucket list or what you call your wish list?
  • What would you say to someone who is feeling unfulfilled by their current life but has not had the courage to do something about it?
  • What does living a legendary life or your best life mean to you?
  • What advice would you give to someone who is turning 40 and is viewing it negatively?
  • What are three life lessons you have learned in life that you think would be of value to others?
  • Plus much more…