Alex Egan

Looking to Make a Difference Through and With Our Business in Climate Change

With our Legend Stories Project we look to share with you the inspiring stories of people who have found and are living their passions and purpose. People who are making a difference and looking to positively impact and change the world.

Today I have the pleasure of speaking to Alex Egan who is the founder of Yellow Sub Geo a Geo-environmental consultancy for a sustainable future and 2 other sustainability businesses. Alex loves to make things better. Be it professional or personal, he is a positive and creative thinker with an infectious enthusiasm for life. Professionally, Alex has seventeen years in the environmental consultancy industry and has built his career on identifying problems and providing innovative solutions.

When not piloting the Yellow Sub, Alex can often be found out in the water surfing or the wilds seeking out what he describes as ‘near life experiences’. Passionate about taking himself out of his comfort zone and making a difference, Alex joins Issaac Kenyon, who we interviewed some weeks ago, and four other environmentalists, on the Pedal 4 Parks bike packing expedition. The expedition team started their ride today the 18th June in Orkney and will cycle the entire length of the UK, across land and sea to help highlight and protect the United Kingdom’s National Parks and Green spaces

We talk about his journey to following his passion for the environment, leaving a successful corporate career to set up his own business and living his purpose. He also shares the legacy he is looking and his vision of the world he wants us to live in.  He also reveals what living a legendary life means to him and also some of the lessons he has learned in his life.

Our talk will have you inspired to discover your own purpose, follow your passions and realize that you have all the resources right now and that it is never to late to live this purpose and make a difference in the world.

To learn more about Alex you can head over to his companies website and you can also find him on instagram at .

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“Get out of your own way, so you see the opportunities, be alive to the opportunities and act on the opportunities that life presents.” @egan.alex Alex Egan

Some Questions I Ask:

  • Did your childhood give any indications you would be doing what you are doing now?
  • What is your purpose and what is the vehicle for making it come to life?
  • What advice would you give to someone who has not yet discovered their purpose?
  • How do your achieve work life balance or what you call life work balance?
  • How do you keep yourself motivated especially in challenging times?
  • What is the contribution or impact you would like to have or the legacy you would like to leave?
  • Plus much more…