Desert Island Survival

Ready to truly challenge yourself as a castaway on a deserted tropical island?

Today I have the pleasure of speaking to Tom Williams who is the founder of Desert Island Survival which provides a very unique adventure travel experience. If you have ever wondered what it would like to be a castaway on an uninhabited tropical island this is the experience for you.

Over 10 days Tom’s company Desert Island Survival will teach you all the bushcraft survival skills you would would need in order to survive on a deserted island. They will even maroon you for 3 days without any instructors to give you a chance to test what you have learned.

Desert Island Survival finds the most incredible desert islands and combines them with the worlds best bushcraft instructors to give you a real life adventure. Living as a tribe immersed in an uninhabited island wilderness you will face possibly your biggest life challenge whilst having an unforgettable experience.

Currently you are able to select from four tropical island destinations in Panama, Tonga, French Polynesia and the Philippines with more to be added in the future. The expeditions are divided into two phases, a five day training phase and a three day survival phase. During the first 5 days of the expedition, you will still be castaway on a remote desert island but with expedition instructors. This is the education phase where you learn your new bushcraft skills. This survival course will focus on the five key elements of survival: fire, water, food, shelter and psychology.

Once you have received your training you will be marooned for 3 days with only a machete, knife, basic fishing equipment, medikit, and satellite phone. This is your chance to put into practice the skills you’ve learned over the previous five days and survive.

The Desert Island Survival Experience is the ultimate adventure. It challenging you both physically and psychologically. On completing the expedition you will leave reconnected with your innate adventurous spirit and with a great sense of achievement and greater self-confidence and awareness of your capacities.

In our talk Tom will share his personal journey to setting up Desert Island Survival, what drew him to creating the experience and why he loves sharing the experience with others. He shares what a typical day on an island would look like as well as the typical itinerary for the 10 day expedition. He provides an overview of each of the island destinations and what his personal preference is.

Get ready to be inspired to challenge yourself to a true adventure and see if you have what it would take to survive as a castaway on a Deserted Island.

To learn more about Tom and Desert Island Survival you can head over to their website and instagram

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“Everyone should meet their primal self.” @desertislandsurvival Tom Williams

Some Questions I Ask:

  • What was your journey and what inspired you to set up Desert Island Survival?
  • What is it you are hoping to acheive with Desert Island Survival?
  • What are your current island destinations and how do you select your destinations?
  • Which one of the destinations would you personally recommend?
  • What does the ten day itinerary look like?
  • What are the specific survival skills you will learn?
  • Who is the experience for?
  • What are you hoping people take away from the experience?
  • What’s next for Desert Island Survival?
  • Plus much more…