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How Does Swimming with Narwhal, Walking With Polar Bears, and Standing on the Floe Edge Sound?

Today I have the pleasure of speaking to Graham Dixon who is the founder of Arctic Kingdom a company that offers custom-tailored land based Arctic tours and adventures to help you to experience the Canadian Arctic. Graham has over 20 years experience in the Canadian Arctic and has personally led more than 50 major expeditions in the region. Graham will give us the low down on why you need to travel to the Canadian Arctic and what is you can expect to experience here.

The Arctic is one of Earth’s last untamed wildernesses a place rich in Inuit culture, incredible wildlife, vast landscapes, majestic mountains, and a place that few people have set foot. You can literally walk where no one has walked before. It is a place where you can swim with the mystical narwhal, the ‘unicorn of the sea’, see polar bears, seals, walruses and beluga whales at the floe edge — the border between sea ice and the open ocean.

The Arctic is the last frontier of travel on the planet and to that end, Arctic Kingdom has pioneered the Arctic Safari – bringing the African safari style of travel to the Arctic. They continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in the Arctic, and offer experiences ranging from seasonal premium yurt camps to year-round lodges, walking on a grounded iceberg surrounded by a floating sea of ice, sea kayaking, ice diving, walking in the footsteps of polar bears, climbing an undiscovered mountain, dogsledding with an Inuit elder, or even hot air balloon over an iceberg.

It is a region you can explore by ship, yacht, plane, or foot, and is best explored with Inuit guides who offer a unique insight into their culture whilst leveraging their intimate knowledge of the region, handed down from many generations to ensure you have the ultimate adventure experience. Whatever your adventure flavor the Canadian arctic has something to offer.

In our talk Graham will share his personal journey to setting up Arctic Kingdom, what drew him to the Canadian Arctic and creating the experiences and safaris Arctic Kingdom curates. He shares why he loves sharing the experience of travelling to the Arctic with others. What a typical day on one of their safaris will be like, the experiences available and what wildlife you can expect to see and much much more.

Get ready to be inspired to challenge yourself to a true adventure to this the last frontier of adventure travel and take in the wonders of the Canadian Arctic.

To learn more about Graham and Arctic Kingdom you can head over to their website  and instagram .

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“The Arctic offers the best combination of wildlife, geography and culture and that's what makes it special” @arctickingdomexpeditions Graham Dickson

Some Questions I Ask:

  • What was it that lead you to the Canadian Arctic for the first time?
  • What was it that inspired you to set up Arctic Kingdom?
  • What is it you personally love about the Canadian Arctic?
  • You have worked in the region for a long time and there things you still want to see and do?
  • How do you get to the Canadian Arctic?
  • What is the best time of year to travel here?
  • How long should plan to stay in the region?
  • What kind of wildlife will you see on an Arctic Safari?
  • What are some of the experiences you can have?
  • What are your favorite destinations?
  • Why is the Canadian Arctic a destination everyone should consider visiting at least once in their lifetime?
  • Plus much more…