Getting Started: Trail Running

Get the Low Down on How to Start Trail Running

For today’s Experience Life Talk I will be speaking to Nancy Hobbs. Nancy is the founder of the American Trail Running Association and is also chairperson for the USA Track & Field’s Mountain, Ultra & Trail Running Council. In our interview Nancy shares her tips and advice on how to get started in trail running and what she personaly loves about trail running and her favorite spots and memories, whilst giving us the basics on what you need to get started.

She will share the essentials and tips for a first time trail runner. She will walk us through some of the challenges you will face in the beginning and some of the thing’s to look out for going Trail Running. At the end of the talk you should feel both inspired and prepared to get started trail running.

Trail running is considered any run that takes place on an unpaved path that is completed outside in nature. It is a great way to reconnect with nature and immerse yourself in the outdoors whilst getting fit. So sit back and get ready to be informed and inspired as Nancy gives us a complete low down on everything you need to get started trail running.

To find out more about Nancy you can find her online at:

To find out about the American Trail Running Association you can go to their website here:

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“Living my best life is continuing to find joy in everything I do.” @nanoontrails Nancy Hobbs

Some Questions I Ask:

  • How did you get started with trail running?
  • What is it you love about trail running?
  • What for you are some of the top trail running destinations in the USA?
  • What is on your personal trail running Bucket List?
  • How can someone get started with trail running?
  • What kind of fitness level do you need to get started trail running?
  • What are your tips for a first time trail runner?
  • What type of clothing or footwear do you need?
  • What do you need to know about nutrition and hydration?
  • What kind of cross training or other conditioning should you undertake to avoid injuries?
  • Plus much more…