The Legend Life After 40 Tribe is a community that all over 40 and seeking to live their best lives can call home. A place where you will feel welcome and can connect and share with other Legend Life Questers.  Others who are on their legend life quest.  A journey to live their lives passionately and purposefully.  To living their best lives.

It is a space to have conversations, share insights, ideas, and resources.  A place to connect, learn, support each other and find the inspiration to live healthier, fitter, more passionate, and purposeful lives. To #livealegendlife a #legendlifeafter40.


They are Legend Life Questers.  People who love to share their personal discoveries and successes, lessons learned, and experiences, to help others on their best life journey whilst inspiring others to start. They are highly social, supportive, and committed to personal growth, living healthy, fit, and natural lives whilst doing social and environmental good.


Tribe members are:


Health & Fitness Enthusiasts

They believe in living a healthier, fitter, and more natural life and make exercise, wellness, healthy eating and living natural an integral part of their lifestyle.



They have a natural curiosity and are passionate about travel, exploring new places, experiencing new cultures, and looking for ways to explore the world and our Planet.



They look to actively engage with life, trying new things and to have new experiences. They deliberately put themselves in situations which will challenge them, give them new perspectives and teach them something new. They are adventurous and constantly seek for new ways to positively engage with nature and our Planet.



They are committed to lifelong learning and personal development so that they can fulfill their potential and become their best self.


Purpose Driven

They are committed to living purposefully, to giving meaning to their lives by making a difference in their families, communities and the world. To doing social good and their part to create a better world.


Environmentally Conscious

They care for the environment and are committed to living green and doing their part to protect the planet and all its biodiversity for future generations.



They are open to and actively cultivate new social relationships and view them as opportunities to expose themselves too, share in and to learn, new ideas and ways of thinking.



They seek to assist, motivate and support others embarking on their own legend life quest by sharing their insights, experience, knowledge and lessons learned.

Does this sound like you?  Are you ready to join with others just like you who are also on their legend life quest? If so, here is my invitation to you.


Are you ready to join with me and become part of a community of people committed to undertaking their legend life quest and living their best lives?

If the answer is yes, I would like to invite you to take the next step and become part of our Tribe today.

Take the Legend Life Pledge and the moment you click the “I Pledge” button and you will be in and part of our Tribe.

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